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demands made by the mythologic of the rape narrative, killing her.
One reason for this variety of interpretation can be found in the various methods of analysis (sociopolitical, mythologic, antisemetic, nationalist, psychoanalytic, music-theoretical, etc.
On occasion they spoke through the voices of historic or mythologic personages.
corroborates what appear to be patterns in the mythologic outline.
Nor does the mythologic war between serpent and elephant seem disproportionate when one examines a stone dragon which guards rice fields in Northern Siam from raiding herds of elephants.
Hence the homme-oiseau, the aviator or man-bird, a mythologic animal, and a hundred other composite creatures that challenge nature's prosiac provisions.
A fact truly & absolutely stated is taken out of the region of commonsense and acquires a mythologic or universal significance.
The mythologic project, notably undertaken by Northrop Frye, Abrams, and Bloom, in practice added only Blake to the "visionary company" of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats and Shelley.
An informative text discusses the historic, mythologic and aesthetic importance of the textiles, as well as the religious, political, sociological and artistic role of the designs in ancient Peruvian society.
Titian's finest works are mythologic narratives, which he likened to visual poetry.
Mythos unit Mythologic Studien zur Religionsgeschichte und Theologie.
He also painted female nudes, whimsical mythologic scenes, and religious images containing contemporary everyday features.