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1912, "The Nature of Perceived Relations," where he says: "'Introspection,' divested of its mythological suggestion of the observing of consciousness, is really the observation of bodily sensations (sensibles) and feelings
Tisher, while yet in the act of dressing; or (as she might have expressed the phrase to a parent or guardian of a mythological turn) of sacrificing to the Graces.
It happened in mythological times," said Madame Epanchin, looking wrathfully at her daughters, who had begun to laugh.
I was very much interested in her account of the Wieroo, which up to this time I had considered a purely mythological creature; but Ajor shuddered so at even the veriest mention of the name that I was loath to press the subject upon her, and so the Wieroo still remained a mystery to me.
The poem imitates the Greek elegies, of which the earliest now preserved was the Lament by Bion for Adonis, the mythological youth beloved by Venus.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 08 (ANI): Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury on Thursday said that she will move a privilege motion against Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju after he shared a video of mythological character Surpanakha laughing.
Bodies, beauty, sisterhood, sex, and sexism are only a few of the subjects pursued from their historical and mythological roots to their many modern iterations in this hard-hitting volume, which is at once profoundly political and inextricably personal.
Tenders are invited for Thermocoal mythological features 6 nos, & Mexican carpet grass-5000 sft.
Rohit Khurana, who has been cast in the role of grown-up Shani in mythological show 'Karmphal Data Shani', says he is nervous about playing a mythological character for the first time.
Abu Dhabi will be the first location for the filming of India's ambitious mythological epic Mahabharata, starring Malayalee superstar, Mohanlal, Dr.
According to Anita Kamble of Mytle PR & Media, Indian media representatives of Fernandez in India, Jazon who met with a top Bollywood director is casting for a big budget VFX and animation-based mythological film based on Indian mythology.
During the war, heroic soldiers volunteered to be transformed into Incarnates, or "Sacred Beasts" powerful beings resembling mythological monsters, who battled ferociously on the front lines.