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A passage like this manages to be both intimate and mythologically amplified.
The decorations of the surfaces of Mythologically Speaking echo the many designs that have been applied through the centuries on ceramic forms in everyday use such as dinnerware and tea services.
If money is other, if America and its nuclear tests are other, if Chinese merchants are other, if scientists are other, subsistence, chiefly authority, collective solidarity, and the land are the Marshallese self, which has been duped but also seduced over the centuries by what Rudiak-Gould calls their mythologically inspired view of 'modernity the trickster'.
He portrayed his father as George Caldwell in the highly symbolic and mythologically themed novel, The Centaur.
If snakes are a fact of life for you, it makes sense to deal with them mythologically.
A giant, mythologically inflected sculpture isn't typically Futurefarmers' style, but these concerns--archiving populist knowledge, honoring analog craftsmanship through whimsical pageantry, and encouraging food production as a social nexus--have defined their work since Amy Franceschini founded the group in 1994.
It is not so clear how the concept of mythological identification applies to pretenders themselves: presumably Pugachev (for example), having concluded on the basis of the "royal marks" on his body that he was the true tsar, then mythologically identified himself as Peter III.
The similarity or identity of hero and adversary may be better approached mythologically, with the protagonists seen as competing aspects of an ultimate cosmic unity of order and chaos; or in psychological terms, where the monsters are aspects of the hero's own human personality, and by the same token, of ours, where we find the Self fighting against the darker sides of its own being.
It is inextricably embedded in twentieth-century US history, and is as mythologically American as Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, FDR'S depression assuaging New Deal, and Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech.
Now the disappearance of the mythologically constructed world and the continued presence in attentive consciousness of the generic elements of a vast expanse of water surrounding a limited continent is the first recorded instance of such an analysis.
The ascription of bird-like characteristics to Kleemann's language--"Vogel Vaus," "gefiedert[]"--recalls the mythologically over-determined ravens and establishes an analogy between poetic discourse itself and the overwhelming pull of, or even obsession with, death.
Both function mythologically, apart from, and beyond, words.