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And this is, mythologically speaking, logical, for in the end it is they who have to take on the burden of explanation for the origin of human mortality.
It is easy enough to leave Newark physically; but leaving it spiritually and mythologically is far more difficult and in many cases impossible.
In the mythologically oriented part of his speech Sisupala goes through the celebrated deeds of Krsna's supposed former incarnations, calling into doubt not the deeds themselves but the identity of Krsna as their performer.
Stanish (archaeology, UCLA), provides an intimate view of the Lake and surrounding communities, historically, mythologically and currently through colorful, glossy photographs and descriptive accounts.
So, he designs this game, which is called 'Ra one', Random Access Version One and it starts mythologically being like the bad Ravana and he's a little geeky, very gentle, very sweet and he loves his child like every father does," he added.
The northeast trade winds allude, mythologically, to Boreas, that fiery north wind that "stirs up the seas, crashes towering trees, freezes the snow and lashes the earth with hail.
The thing about those Greeks and Romans is that at least mythologically, They could get mad.
In summary then, both films are historically and mythologically inaccurate, and given to a number of creative liberties, with the only constants being the iconic symbols, which serve to make the mythoi identifiable and recognisable.
To suppress it, many primitive and traditional societies mythologically attribute to governing persons a superhuman essence.
What began (1928-1943) as a project using archaeology to dramatise and illustrate the myth of a reborn Italy, at a site linked mythologically with Aeneas and historically with Julius Caesar, has become a project consciously engaging with big issues in urban and Mediterranean archaeology of the historical era.
Mythologically, water and vegetation are tied to each other.
How can one be sure the people in the white tents of Hay are actually the mythologically marvellous writers they claim to be?