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Evolutionary Mythology in the Writings of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
New age mythology comes to life in a survey of the history, forces, and legends of the gargoyle, a fine history suitable not only for new age and metaphysical studies collections, but for libraries in which mythology and icons feature.
Regina Buccola's new book is to be welcomed for providing a reasoned, scholarly demonstration both of the centrality of fairy mythology within the early modern popular imagination and of its validity as a serious object of academic study.
95) studies the Christian mythology which became so accepted in medieval Europe, drawing unusual connections between this and pagan beliefs.
His new directorial effort, ``Flags of Our Fathers,'' is a war movie that examines the mythology of war and its so-called heroes by focusing on the men pictured in a famous flag-raising photo during the World War II Battle of Iwo Jima.
With remarkably impressive artwork from Pieter Welteverde, Ram The Demon Slayer by Vatsala Sperling tells the epic tale of Ramayana drawn from the timeless historical mythology of the Hindu culture of India.
First-time author Vaillant chronicles the history of this tree, from how the Haida Indians made it an integral part of their mythology to the story of the loggers who have the dangerous and controversial job of cutting down the old-growth forests of British Columbia.
With profound vibrancy, IOKASTE magically transports the reader into the ancient world of Greek mythology.
There are four essays on the role of folklore, religion, magic and language as background; four essays on the influences of ancient Greek, classical and Mediaeval Latin; four on the role of Old Norse; three on the importance of Old English; and, finally, three on the effects of Finnish mythology on Tolkien.
The story is basically a mythology of the planet, and the writing is respectful to the point of being stilted; the characters never quite come to life.
Israel's mythology of his journey to the Jetty intrudes upon specific realities of the piece.
Perhaps if he and the other self-selected spokesmen for the Christian mythology would actually take time to learn the facts of their faith, it wouldn't be necessary for anyone to be on the streets or off paying obeisance at the Kingdom of Falwell engaging in "discussions" of whose dogma is more right than whose.