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But there is rarely any power in a 'Nagger Of One;' except when the nagger is so persistent he or she goes to a higher authority or to the media.
Naggers were women who threatened the authority of husbands in particular and men in general.
The history of philosophy suggests that the nit-picking of Socrates' wife drove him out into the streets of the Agora, where he became the number-one nagger of the Athenians.
The last two years, there were more naggers in the locker room.
The "dialogues" include the famous Fluchtlingsgesprache, one of the most brilliant pieces of Brechtian satire, and the brief conversations between "Mies und Meck" - thus the title - written in a Berlinese of sorts, and likewise scathingly and delightfully satirical (the names Mies and Meck, it should be noted, are derived from the German words Miesmacher and Meckerer, signifying defeatists, grumblers, naggers, carpers, et cetera).
You might say naggers destroy the quality of life, but that's nothing compared to my present problem.
The British challenge is headed by Paul Midgley's trio of Naggers, Desert Law and Elysian Flyer.
8 Outback Traveller, 9 Fastnet Tempest, 10 Culturati, Projection, 14 Buckstay, Cenotaph, Naggers, 16 Certificate, Eastern Impact, Normandy Barriere, 20 Big Time, Birchwood, Blaine, Danzeno.
BALANCE (Richard Fahey) RICHARD FAHEY'S Pivotal filly made a pleasing return to action when third to Naggers at Ayr.