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Nagging ( from the Scandinavian gnaga, meaning to gnaw) is "the repetitious pestering, hectoring and continuous urging of an individual to complete previously discussed requests which have been ignored".
In light of nagging's prevalence and the conflict resolution challenges most couples face, today YourTango is launching "Nag-Free Week"-a seven-day event running through November 18 that encourages readers to stop nagging and communicate more constructively.
Borzekowski and colleagues found that nagging seemed to fall into three categories: juvenile nagging, nagging to test boundaries, and manipulative nagging.
It's the researchers who are calling it nagging, not me - and have identified women as being responsible for nagging for the equivalent of a week a year.
For salespeople, it is instrumental to understand where the line is drawn between persistence and nagging.
Firstborn always claims to be on top of his homework and can see no reason at all why I keep nagging him.
He says that injury is behind him, but now he must fight through some nagging leg problems.
THE EARLIEST INSTANCE OF NAGGING may be found in the Good Book with the story of Adam and Eve.
Lucy is hungry to belong to a family and she is intrigued by the differences, but she also starts nagging Mimi to give up smoking.
A HUSBAND faces going to jail after spiking his wife's ice cream with painkillers because she was nagging over home chores too much.
the yearning, the nagging feeling of incompleteness, the feeling of wanting more, needing more.
All but the youngest practitioners of this youth-oriented discipline grapple with this nagging question.