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One thing to remember when you're trying to lessen your nagging is to surrender your control.
If they do, nagging can be horrendous, counter-productive and amount to little more than verbal castration and emasculation.
Mothers consistently cited 10 strategies for dealing with the nagging; the strategies included giving in, yelling, ignoring, distracting, staying calm and consistent, avoiding the commercial environment, negotiating and setting rules, allowing alternative items, explaining the reasoning behind choices, and limiting commercial exposure.
It's the researchers who are calling it nagging, not me - and have identified women as being responsible for nagging for the equivalent of a week a year.
For salespeople, it is instrumental to understand where the line is drawn between persistence and nagging. This requires the ability to recognize when a request or a question is self-serving and doesn't offer a benefit for the person being queried.
Firstborn always claims to be on top of his homework and can see no reason at all why I keep nagging him.
A survey of 2,400 adults by online recruiters suggested that women were now suffering more than men from "nagging" about advancement at work.
THE EARLIEST INSTANCE OF NAGGING may be found in the Good Book with the story of Adam and Eve.
Lucy is hungry to belong to a family and she is intrigued by the differences, but she also starts nagging Mimi to give up smoking.