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Most are original compositions, though Frisell, like Tom Waits and Ry Cooder, uses folk song phrases so often that the tunes often sound naggingly familiar.
These are the injustices that, for all the progress toward racial unity that we have made in the past four decades, naggingly persist.
The Kings are the kind of band who sound fresh but naggingly familiar, like you've known their songs forever and find it a comfort to be in their company.
7 Damian Lazarus - Crosstown Rebels mix Aslow-burner of an album but naggingly good when it gets under your skin.
suggested below, it is an answer that seems naggingly insufficient in
The joke wears thin surprisingly quickly and within 10 minutes Slater becomes naggingly irksome, someone whom you'd gladly fight on the beaches.
The problem is that the region is experiencing a jobless recovery and consumer confidence continues to be undermined by naggingly high unemployment.
Chasing a Knowle & Dorridge total of 234 for eight, Walsall were in real trouble when they plummeted to 74 for six with the irrepressible Mike Palmer proving a real handful with his naggingly accurate line and length.
I wonder if I am the only reader who finds the resistant, indeed perverse, particularity of both The Reader and Disgrace naggingly eloquent.
But Palace are naggingly consistent this season and could yet spring a surprise.
Naggingly high unemployment of 15 percent is undermining consumer confidence.