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NAIL, A measure of length, equal to two inches and a quarter. Vide Measure.

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Business is good, but we're still building and trying to nail down a formula for operating this [location] successfully.
Shippers nail down a better way to protect wood on long voyages.
We couldn't nail down how much the renovations will cost, but the exterior and interior will be redesigned.
4 of Henry IV, Part One, and the critique of prior efforts to nail down the date of Merry Wives is also rigorous.
The critical thing now is to nail down the accounting for derivatives," said Schuetze.
They are also doing different kinds of experiments, trying to nail down drug mechanisms before they even go into early human testing.
Derek Lowe, who should have been trying to nail down a complete-game win, instead took the mound for the ninth with the score still tied.
Leicester's spiky Harry Ellis failed to nail down the England number nine jersey while Dawson was still in action and is now left as Robinson's premier scrum-half.
The exact origins of particular observances and festivals, though, are a little harder to nail down.
DAVID MOYES may not have been able to nail down the transfer targets he most desired, so he has gone for a short term option with the loan signing of Mikel Arteta until the end of the season.
Exploring the relationship between flat ground and animated "figure," Ryman suggests that space is unfixed, impossible to nail down.
The result is that jurors aren't convinced even by the kind of eyewitness testimony that used to nail down convictions.