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NAIL, A measure of length, equal to two inches and a quarter. Vide Measure.

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"I want to nail down one spot and if I can do that hopefully I can put myself forward for selection for national honours again.
intelligence is trying to 'nail down the facts' about reports of a large-scale chemical weapons attack inside Syria by the Assad regime.
The 22-year-old made 15 Premier League appearances last season, but failed to nail down a specific position - playing across the defence and in midfield.
Griffiths has been handed the chance to nail down the Ospreys tighthead jersey as the 27-year-old packs down in a front row alongside Duncan Jones and Mefin Davies.
Owners of 452 Fifth Avenue nail down 23,000 square feet of new leases [Post, 1st item]
SOMEN Tchoyi is prepared to hand Roberto Di Matteo a further selection headache after revealing he wants to nail down a central midfield berth.
David Evans, secretary of the Welsh National Union of Teachers is right to say that the Assembly Government needs to "nail down the reasons why" and seek to reverse the trend.
Former Celtic striker Beattie has been unable to nail down a first-team spot with the Baggies since arriving in July 2007.
Kewell has struggled to nail down a place in the Spaniard's first XI and with his contract up in the summer, he accepts he faces an uphill struggle to remain at Anfield.
A solid metal driver pounds the nail down backwards, often right out the other side of the board--much better than hammering old nails down, flipping the board over and using a crowbar to pull them out.
It's hard to nail down statistics for unpaid parish volunteers, but there is little doubt that the lion's share of the work is being done by women.
To be sure, they were representing Americans United and the parents, but it is important for your readers to appreciate what it took to gather the evidence, place it in the framework of court decisions and skillfully present it in the form of well-written briefs (legal-factual arguments) and then nail down the case with testimony of witnesses.