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Ingrown toenails could be a cause of granulation tissue of the lateral nail fold of the finger or toe (1).
To eradicate the infection, the nail fold may have to be cleaned out, dressed and antibiotics taken by mouth.
The built-up layer of glue creates a physical barrier that helps protect the proximal nail fold against the patient's mindless repetitive picking, and promotes self-awareness of the tic habit, said Dr.
This is made worse by wearing shoes that overcrowd your toes and nail fold infection is possible if the feet aren't washed regularly.
To illustrate his point he discussed the case of a 4-year-old healthy girl who presented with an 8-month history of melanonychia and a 3-month history of possible nail fold pigmentation.
For large lesions located in the lateral third of the nail, she added, "a longitudinal nail biopsy yields the best information because it samples the nail matrix, nail bed, nail fold, and hyponychium.
Psoriasis of the fingernails also can resemble other conditions such as chronic infection or inflammation of the nail bed or nail fold, the hard skin overlapping the base and sides of the nails.
Hyperpigmentation that extends into the proximal nail fold, known as "Hutchinson's sign," is melanoma until proved otherwise.