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NAIL, A measure of length, equal to two inches and a quarter. Vide Measure.

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Some of the things that we have heard from the proponents of this merger -- that there should be job growth -- we want to see all those things tied down and nailed down," he said.
Purchase said: "We are delighted with the response and while the boxing has not yet been nailed down, I am hoping for a British Masters title event as top of the bill.
We've nailed down a great bargain for every reader.
Just a year ago, Earnhardt was officially eliminated from the Chase at this race but nailed down the sixth starting spot with a run of 182.
The facts need to be nailed down in a way that will finally make us say, seriously, "That's right, we really have been used and manipulated.
Ms Ryder said, 'It is time we nailed down this myth about the risks and costs of fitting sprinkler systems in schools.
Construction costs were nailed down to 600 euros per sq m, which translated into a 1250 euros per sq m selling price.
If it is nailed down they will steal the nails as well.
Some early faffing about put us on the back-foot but for most of the game we couldn't have had Chelsea nailed down any harder than if we had a Boot Hill undertaker working for us.
1979: A `horror from theHotties' was finally nailed down as one of the nastiest fish in the world: angler Brian Ellis landed an albino Clarias Batrachus in St Helens canal.