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Pious worship maintains that last assertion of the naive.
In male naive partners, the vaccine had no efficacy, compared with placebo.
We describe our procedure for combining the naive model with our directional forecasts and how well this procedure performs over our sample period.
Previous results in the literature had indicated that in forecasting international tourism demand, the naive I "no change" model outperformed other time series models for "one year ahead forecasts" (Witt, Witt, and Wilson 1994).
New methods are being formulated to coax the "primed" ESCs-which more resemble cells from post-implantation embryos-back in time even more to resemble naive stem cells, those found in preimplantation embryos only days after fertilization.
I don't think that we can be naive to say that it doesn't exist in the game.
But the judge added: "One has to make the point to discourage, even naive men like you, from being used in that particular way, otherwise there is nothing to stop the people behind you giving the drugs to the next naive 17-year-old.
Do the Institute's forecasts perform better than that of a naive forecast based on the previous year's growth rate?
One of the largest trials in the history of any infections disease, known as the Strategies for the Management of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (SMART) study, was designed by investigators with the Community Programs for Clinical Research on AIDS (CPCRA) and will compare a strategy of delayed, episodic HIV therapy against one of immediate, uninterrupted therapy in patients who are treatment naive and treatment experienced.
But the serostatus of the naive partner is clearly important as well.
Since most CD8 cells in infants are naive, the fondness of the AIDS virus for those immune cells "may be one reason why children with an HIV infection progress so much faster than adults," notes Zack.
The stronger the abstraction of historical images, the closer they are to the modern image of the plans; thus escaping the naive layering effect generated by two different images.