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In another telling moment of the Critique, Verlaine implicitly reveals the connection, in his poetics, between naivete and nuance.
Many reporters marveled at the secretary's naivete.
Moore's naivete in "We Were Soldiers" sheds a deeper light on the final scene of "Full Metal Jacket.
The naivete of people who still think in opposites was the most important reason for my making First Kill.
But Brown challenges that naivete as the novel unfolds.
This section revealed Yamazaki's range, his sense of humor, and his fascination with popular culture, everything from Audrey Hepbum's beguiling naivete to Michael Jackson's moonwalk.
At one point, he realizes that being interested in the Bible isn't necessarily a sign of naivete, but "a sign of health -- and maturity.
The "different realities" that, first, various writers seem to be envisioning and, later, various ethnic and "politically correct" groups intensely champion, before long seem to keep him awake at nights not by their mind-expanding challenge to accepted paradigms, but by their troublesome naivete, ineptitude, unfairness, and tendency to successfully browbeat Kernan's employers.
It's the height of naivete to think that a big company can buy a smaller one, and the smaller one can still hold onto its values," says David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World.
It implies that the sacrifices made to defend righteousness in the culture have been products of egotism and naivete.
Mac, Chris admits his past and present theological naivete, but now seeks the wisdom and counsel from Dr.
The author suggests that Garvey's political naivete more than the "nativism" of black New Yorkers proved Garvey's undoing.