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NAKED. This word is used in a metaphorical sense to denote that a thing is not complete, and for want of some quality it is either without power, or it possesses a limited power. A naked contract, is one made without consideration, and, for that reason, it is void; a naked authority, is one given without any right in the agent, and wholly for the benefit of the principal. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1302. See Nudum Pactum.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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That's when American VI: Ain't No Grave was released as the last in the series of austere, nakedly honest recordings Cash made with legendary rock and rap producer Rick Rubin.
The primary consultancy was the U.S investment bank Goldman Sachs, which not only advised Greece, disguised its budget deficit and marketed its bonds, but also became a speculator on the Greek bonds themselves, 'nakedly' selling bonds that it does not own, and collecting dividends ensuing from the price difference between the illusory sales and the actual revenues.
Through it all, when Payne actually does become something of a hero, it rings true because the well-crafted characters in Illegal are robustly layered, nakedly human, and starkly real.
A nakedly Orwellian institution, CCTV has something just shy of a broadcasting monopoly over 1.3 billion people, to whom it beams the will, wonts and orthodox news of the Chinese Communits Party.
"When the truth finally comes out, Castro's singular ability to fool so many, so much and for so long will be nakedly exposed," she said.
While some musicians choose to write from the perspective of a character, her songs always sound nakedly autobiographical, even if they're not.
At risk of sounding mildly paranoid, rarely can a supposedly objective media have been so nakedly rooting for a specific outcome.
Both Shaver and Charbonneau had been told they'd be crazy to take a role requiring them to nakedly play gay.
My answer depends upon the day the question is asked, whether my child has come home upset about some girl drama in her classroom and made my heart ache, or whether some reader from Chicago has e-mailed me about one of my earlier novels, saying the way I wrote so nakedly about race or love or family opened a door for her.
Two examples must suffice: "But the thirst for immolation [in El Salvador] was scarcely limited to either military men or large landowners" and "In Honduras, perhaps the most nakedly anarchic of all five republics ..." (58, 109).
The piece is nakedly autobiographical but physically presents itself through veils.
At times uplifting, at times heartbreaking, but always powerful and nakedly authentic, this book is about love, loss, trust, sacrifice, about the choices we make and the roads on which they take us, about life itself.