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The statement claimed that someone had fabricated the document, which also stated Mr Malik's name incorrectly.
The exhumation was performed by forensic anthropologist Prof Dame Sue Black, who found only a hat, a shawl, a cross and a name tag that had spelled Gary's name incorrectly.
Sunderland responded with a statement in which they initially spelt the player's name incorrectly.
For example, when Rihanna received death threats on Instagram, all of the news outlets reported the person's name incorrectly and stated the investigation was ongoing.
When I went to renew my driver's licence recently, an employee asked to see my citizenship card because she thought I had spelled my name incorrectly.
A spot of research proves her right: it turns out that I have indeed been pronouncing the name incorrectly.
BUNGLING Jeremy Corbyn sent out a defiant message to supporters yesterday - but managed to spell his own name incorrectly.
IT was an ominous start for new Aston Villa manager Remi Garde - as the club spelled his name incorrectly in a welcome.
TOTTENHAM have apologised to Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky after spelling his name incorrectly on the back of a shirt.
Several tweets carried the logo of Burger King's larger rival McDonald's, but spelled the latter company's name incorrectly.
Mr Dunning quotes HaroldMac-Millan (and spells his name incorrectly - it should be Macmillan), and he has got the quote, the date, and the subsequent events wrong.
I seem not to be able to say anything appropriately in Arabic realizing that I have even pronounced my husband's name incorrectly for over thirty years.