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Rivkin and Sutherland can hardly contain their admiration for Pfizer's brilliance in naming its love drug.
Miranda views her sister Abigail's fulfillment of her naming duties during the crisis of Cocoa's birth not just as a necessary task completed but as an important sign of her sister's strength of character.
This naming, gesturing, and imitating continues around the circle until all members have shared their body gesture.
There is an entire set of provisions governing everything from the naming of new species, hybrids, and cultivars to the spelling and syntax of well-established species.
In most ancient cultures, the business of naming was both a matter of considerable gravity as well as a fluid process.
7) As Benston suggests, processes of naming and the function of the name are central to the problem of identity in Invisible Man.
401(a)(9)-2), naming a child or grandchild probably will result in a greater deferral since the life expectancy of a child or grandchild usually is greater than that of a spouse.
The new system's first working version of naming rules won't cover species, but the taxonomists are already discussing that topic.
I and my associates then trained selected IBM employees to operate what had become IBM's own Naming Reference Center, or NRC.