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The book really should have been called Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Naming Products, Along With Much Fort Didn't.
In African American literature, naming has always held a special, "double" significance because of its dual cultural heritage.
In fact, one of Evenhuis' colleagues, Lee Golf, had just had a paper rejected by the JOURNAL OF MEDICAL ENTOMOLOGY because he proposed naming a new chigger Trombicula tgifi.
MARK: High tech companies aren't the only ones who make mistakes with their naming conventions.
Similar to Bop, Sock Toss teaches names through rapid and repetitive naming of group members.
If you're still in the woods about identifying, naming, and pronouncing tree names, please don't call the editors of this magazine.
NEW YORK -- Global brand development and management firm, CoreBrand, announced today that it is expanding its brand naming service behind a recognized authority on corporate and product naming.
The 1912 publication by Delanoe and Delanoe does not have priority in naming Pneumocystis from humans because the organism studied by the Delanoes was from the rat.
In our culture, too often the process of naming is co-opted by tradition (Henry Swarinski IV) or fashion (Heather
The literalizing of the Self (to "Self" or proper name) is the process of naming, of properly rendering into language what exists prior to language.
If Jennifer dies after she has begun distributions without naming a DB, her heirs will have to continue taking distributions over Jennifer's remaining life expectancy.