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The present paper is structured as follows: In order to ascertain the influence of English name patterns around the world, we will first give a brief sketch of English naming in the two ENL countries England and the United States.
Nonetheless, describing Anglo-Saxon naming customs is also to describe Chinese name traditions.
To his credit, he doesn't glow unduly about naming institutions and offers insights into names-gone-wrong situations.
The book really should have been called Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Naming Products, Along With Much Fort Didn't.
They are well aware of the significance of naming, both in the African and in the Anglo-American traditions.
By naming Lazarus and not the rich man, Jesus' story completely contrasts with worldly understandings of who's who.
Colleges have been naming buildings for people for years.
For Naming Tokyo, dozens of acquaintances inside and outside the art world pitched in with thematic lists of suggested street names--Italian swear words, Vivienne Westwood's couture collections, New York City drag queens--which were then published on a large handout map with a blank Tokyo city grid on one side and selected rechristenings on the other.
International naming of viruses-a digest of recent developments.
So if you want spreadsheet formulas that are easy to create and read, follow along with this tutorial to learn how to use a naming system called "named ranges." I invite you to open a blank Excel worksheet and work along with me.
Why were record keepers hesitant about naming certain individuals?