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Igual que en el relato de ladrillero (481-83), Cortes relata que en varias oportunidades su nao hace falsas entradas a canales ciegos que confunden con el estrecho (491, 497).
This year, the RoboCup will be attended by 31 teams in the Standard Platform League where NAO has been the robot of reference since 2008.
The most important regularity shown in Table 4 is that the characteristics of the intensity of westerlies (W, AO, NAO indices) have a highly positive correlation with storminess during the cold season.
The inception of this new generation of NAO robots means a lot to our company.
According to Pascal Morel, Area Sales Manager, EMEA, Aldebaran Robotics, autistic children normally face difficulties in interacting with people, but a cute, adorable and friendly humanoid like NAO could help improve their interaction skills u and subsequently their lives.
E e uma arte global, no sentido de que ja nao existe uma arte localizada, que responda a uma cultura especifica, e sim uma arte que se oferece pela internet a todo o mundo, e que, portanto, se insere em uma cultura globalizadora.
174) In this concerted, world-wide effort for the elimination of Third World debt, the NaOS functioned as social movement organizations, soliciting agreements between North and South activist networks and movements.
Often this would seem quite invasive, such as the desire to take soundings of the river to determine 'if it was deep enough for our large naos and galleons to enter' (que bracas de fundo tinha o rio).
I had another one die as well, Naos de Mirande, who came from France for Uttoxeter but got sick after travelling.
My sneaky each-way bet of the day goes to NAOS DE MIRANDE (2.