narcotic substance

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Meanwhile, the luggage belonging to an Asian coming from a South American country allegedly contained a white narcotic substance placed in four plastic bags weighing 3.
In the second truck, specialists detected a strange substance professionally hidden behind the driver's seat, which was found to be a narcotic substance weighing almost 973.
Sharjah: A drug smuggler who swallowed a narcotic substance in an attempt to get through Sharjah airport customs was arrested on Monday, an official at Sharjah Police said.
The case dates back to December 16, 2012, when acting on a tip-off about the accused possessing narcotic drugs, the drug-combating department immediately raided his house and found two medium-sized pieces of a narcotic substance and a cigarette filled with hashish.
ADTI's premier detection services include explosive detector dog teams, narcotic detector dog teams, hand-held ION scanner searches and narcotic substance and residue testing.
The drug in all its forms is a prohibited narcotic substance in the country.
When questioned, he confessed to smuggling a narcotic substance, but denied any information about the nature of the drugs.
When questioned by the Customs Investigation Office at Dubai Customs, the passenger confessed that they were capsules containing a narcotic substance, and that he knew nothing about it.
Al Maqhawi said that after questioning by inspectors from the Passengers Investigation Department, Airport Customs Operations at Dubai Customs, the passenger admitted that he received the narcotic substance from someone at the airport in his home country, and swallowed them.
As Tramadol is a prohibited narcotic substance, the suspects were referred to the Anti-Drugs Department at Sharjah Police General Headquarters for further investigation," Colonel Al Khayal said.
The defence argued that the narcotic substance recovered from their possession was a small amount and it was not meant for selling but for their consumption only.
When questioned by the Customs Investigation Office at Dubai Customs, the passenger confessed the drugs were capsules containing a narcotic substance.