narcotic substance

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The report has studied cases the people incarcerated under the Control of Narcotic Substance Act (CNSA) 1997.
Officers confiscated a total of 44 capsules containing 363gm of a narcotic substance, thought to be heroin, with an estimated value of BD36,300.
Summary: Baharampur (West Bengal) [India] August 30 (ANI): The Border Security Force (BSF) on Wednesday seized 3045 narcotic substance codeine-based cough syrup bottles of Phensedyl worth Rs.
IN ITS biggest- ever drug seizure, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence ( DRI) has seized a huge haul of banned narcotic substance worth over ` 3,000 crore from a factory in Udaipur and also arrested Bollywood producer Subash Dudhani in this connection.
The suspect was arrested and the narcotic substance was confiscated after his residence was searched.
NNA - The Ministry of Finance's media office announced in a statement on Monday that "the Beirut Port Customs seized a container of cleaning products intended for export to Jordan with a quantity of 504 Kg of the narcotic substance Captagon (more than 3 million pills) found inside it.
A package of legislative changes has come through the Estonian Ministry of Justice that will introduce tougher punishments for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substance, Postimees reports.
Large amount of narcotic substance and ammunition were seized by the security forces.
The Director told a press briefing that there is common understanding between Pakistan and Russia to control poppy cultivation and trafficking of narcotic substance.
Summary: A man attacked his brother after spraying a narcotic substance in his home that rendered his stepmother and her disabled son unconscious, a security source said Wednesday.
The three convicts were arrested by the security services with five thousand tablets of narcotic substance in Harad, Hajjah province, in July 2009.
Which plant contains the narcotic substance morphine?