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narcotized by the effects of a capitalist society run amok
Well, there are a few words; words like: excruciating, interminable, and narcotized seem to paint a pretty accurate picture.
The results of this study of neurosurgical outpatients then would tend to underestimate the difficulty of obtaining accurate pupil measurements at the ICU bedside in narcotized patients using either visual assessment or a pupil gauge.
Finally, on a personal note I found the analeptic properties of THA quite useful for those patients at the conclusion of an anaesthetic who were marginally narcotized.
on the relevance of the modern publishing industry, which is so creatively and ethically bankrupt that it must spoon pabulum like this to readers too lethargic and narcotized to care that they are being insulted.
Even the depictions of Bob's opiate-induced reveries convey that these are but brief narcotized moments of escape in a life dominated by hustling, danger, and barely controlled chaos.
In the experiments on narcotized rats, a decrease in the level of the registered signal was observed after an injection of a lethal dose of Nembutal (see Figure 5).
Yet he argued further that places like the tropics or Mexico are more sensitive to that aboriginal horror than are the Strand or the United States because they have been less narcotized by consumerist civilization:
Williams hints throughout Streetcar, for instance, at Stella's sensuality: the morning after the "poker night" fight (and tempestuous sexual reconciliation) with Stanley, we are told that as she lies on the bed with a comic book in her hand, "[h]er eyes and lips have that almost narcotized tranquility that is [on) the faces of Eastern idols" (62).