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The spectacle was permanent opium, which stupefied social subjects and distracted them from the most urgent task or real life (8) narcotizing dysfunction (LAZARSFELD and Merton, 1948).
Strapped with a leather yoke (belt, two vertical straps and one diagonal) over the heavy army coat, as if I was in my stiff tuxedo, I chain smoke: line this burning inner tissue with narcotizing layers of tar.
If it wasn't for the narcotizing effect its many repetitive, tedious scenes emit, watching this movie would really hurt.
Headlines are narcotizing the daily news with show and spectacle.
If anti-Stalinism was the opium of the Democratic Left during the Cold War, human rights interventionism has the same narcotizing effect today, and deludes contemporary Democratic Leftists.
Although it provides some relief from anxiety, it does not, therefore, confirm the narcotizing effects attributed to popular culture by the Frankfurt School.
But Lanham argues for a distinction between mass media and the emerging digital environment: "We should not confuse this narcotizing of American society, horrible as it is, with the mixture of word, image, and sound emerging now through digital multimedia techniques (p.
In fact, relativism, even in its extreme formulations, rarely results in narcotizing all claims to knowledge but only in qualifying the range of applicability of such claims.