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Roth establishes the mother as the origin of both knowledge and the comforts of its suppression; she thus figures both narratability and its limit.
Consequently, the narratability of Oskar's personal observations is only guaranteed when they suppress all other perspectives.
In their cases, the narrators of both stories perform acts of memory that enable the narratability and narrativization of the traumatic events of the young women's lives.
The narratability of Celanire's story itself is far from straightforward: "Au moment oU debute cette histoire (mais est-ce le debut?
Historical crisis is inscribed into seventeenth-century baroque plays as much as into Benjamin's own work--and Donoso's A House in the Country--as a crisis of representation, questioning the narratability of experience in the context of catastrophe.
The case is presented from a narrative stance in a distinctive voice, and the narrator, direct or implied, inevitably makes assumptions about the world and the narratability of events.
As the name Janet gave it indicates, this kind of memory's most salient quality is its narratability, its potential to be told to and understood by others.
from that moment at which story, or "life," is stimulated from quiescence into a state of narratability, into tension, a kind of irritation, which demands narration .
The trope of unspeakability represses its narratability.
28) The theory, moreover, does contribute very specifically to an analysis of human time, clarifying its repetitious structure as a mode of negative narratability that alternates with highly charged moments, such as Wordsworth's "spots of time.
Life design does this by offering career development practitioners and researchers a contextualized approach and lifelong, holistic, contextual, and preventive counseling intervention framework that aims to increase (a) activity to shape interests, capacities, and aspirations; (b) career adaptability to cope with changes in self and situation; (c) narratability to articulate a clear identity and coherent personal life/career story; and (d) intentionality to give meaning to activities and experiences related to life career.
10) Yet the circularity of Dreiser's narrative, with its telling and retelling of events, does not foreclose the narratability of the panic as much as underscore the discrepancy between rival narratives of capitalist time.