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Mann narrates the triumphant march of the Indian Army from Agartala to Dacca.
Al Yamahi noted that the footage narrates the human angle of the story by showing his father's suffering at witnessing his son being shot dead by Israeli troops.
Thanks to those who narrate with skill and understanding of both the work and the requirements of tone, voice, and pacing, these formats prove both pleasant and satisfying.
The exhibition also includes a collection of old gifts that narrate the truth of such legends, in addition to a section allocated for the Jewel of Muscat; the Arabian ship, which was built after a ship in the 9th century that sailed by Captain Saleh al Jabri and his crew to Singapore earlier this year.
Every story you narrate shows how much you have suffered.
synonyms: report, describe, and narrate mean to talk or write about something.
Guggenheim Museum of Art's global misadventures in Bilbao (problematic, given the economically depressed and politically charged reputation of its Basque site) narrate the concrete circumstances giving rise to the controversies associated with each institution.
More often than not, an actor has to be hired to narrate the book, and there's the cost of the recording studio, a production crew, postproduction and packaging.
In her view, if there is a subject of enunciation, then it will narrate something that in fiction exists prior to its narration.
Stephens, 63, will narrate 170 performances of the show in this its 30th anniversary tour.
I'm headed for New York City to meet Academy award-winning actress Meryl Streep, who has agreed to narrate public service announcements for AMERICAN FORESTS.
Koppel will report and narrate the two hours, which includes footage shot for the original series but not shown on it.