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His smooth and memorable voice now lends equally well to audio as he narrates the story of a family secret that haunts a special agent with murder and its aftermath.
THE GREAT WAR: THE PEOPLE'S STORY (ITV, tonight, 9pm) OLIVIA Colman narrates the real-life stories of World War One soldiers and their wives and girlfriends left behind.
CLUBS 24 WOLF'S BITE: TV Sanjeev narrates Peter and the Wolf GOOD STUFF: Wonder Stuff in city ACT OF KINDNESS: An incredible year ?
Given that purpose, we might try to justify the lack of explanation by noting that the event of failing to get to the window on time is more important than the reasons for the failure and that the difficulty of producing the narrative--the flesh-and-blood Bauby worked out a system in which someone would read letters to him and he would blink when they reached the letter he wanted--means that he will stay focused on the most important aspects of any events he narrates.
The Iranian film narrates a story on some women prisoners who have tension with the new head of the prison, the Iranian students news agency reported.
Martin narrates, doing well with the deaf Gavin's attempts at speech.
Will Ferrell finds no escape from the voice in his head, which narrates the mind-numbing story of his habit-ruled life.
A 'you are there' style narrates the attraction and adventure of a variety of racing days, including plenty of quotes from participants for added interest.
Fraser is the least sentimental of writers (her prose tends to the pointed and analytic), yet here she narrates in personal terms the centrality of his thought to her practice.
The Declaration of Independence narrates crucial events of history prior to and during 1776, and answers common questions such as: Why is John Hancock's signature so prominent?
Meticulously reconstructing details and events from the critical battle that would capture Vicksburg and divide the Confederacy, Triumph & Defeat narrates history in a matter-of-fact tone that clarifies the complex interplay of forces, personalities, and events.
The traditional and most popular story narrates how a group of landowners hold political power during the export-led growth period in Argentina.