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The priest came, having his daughter's ransom in his hands, supplicating the Achaeans, and above all the kings;' and then if, instead of speaking in the person of Chryses, he had continued in his own person, the words would have been, not imitation, but simple narration.
Suppose, I answered, that a just and good man in the course of a narration comes on some saying or action of another good man,-- I should imagine that he will like to personate him, and will not be ashamed of this sort of imitation: he will be most ready to play the part of the good man when he is acting firmly and wisely; in a less degree when he is overtaken by illness or love or drink, or has met with any other disaster.
Then he will adopt a mode of narration such as we have illustrated out of Homer, that is to say, his style will be both imitative and narrative; but there will be very little of the former, and a great deal of the latter.
As I was just now saying, he will attempt to represent the roll of thunder, the noise of wind and hall, or the creaking of wheels, and pulleys, and the various sounds of flutes; pipes, trumpets, and all sorts of instruments: he will bark like a dog, bleat like a sheep, or crow like a cock; his entire art will consist in imitation of voice and gesture, and there will be very little narration.
Morris' shorter poems are strikingly dramatic and picturesque, and his longer narrations are remarkably facile and often highly pleasing.
This person went through numerous other and more interesting adventures than those which I related; but the truth is, I felt sleepy on the particular night of their narration, and so was seduced into cutting them short -- a grievous piece of misconduct, for which I only trust that Allah will forgive me.
This type of categorization establishes the framework for understanding what happens when the tense of indirect discourse is present rather than past: i) in the narratext, the weighting of the present shifts, with two of three components being in the present (commentary and indirect discourse) and the narrator no longer monopolizing the present tense there; ii) the weighting of discourse shifts, with all three components being in the present; iii) the weighting of the diegesis shifts, with two of three components being in the present (direct discourse and indirect discourse) and narration being clearly separated from discourse.
Winslet, 33, was compelled to agree to do the narration for director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's 'The Sunshine Boy' after she watched footage that he had sent her.
There are doubtless some among us grunting "oodshefinksheis" at the news that the delectable Catherine Zeta had to phone her father before recording a narration so she would sound more Welsh.
Such an inductive approach is essential because many extreme forms of narration seem to have been invented precisely to transgress fundamental linguistic and rhetorical categories.
His narration of Jamie's difficult story is poignant and touching, reaching deep into the heart with his pacing and volume transitions.
Author Alan Fraser Houston offers far more than just an assembly of transcribed writings; his narration places each letter or entry in explicitly detailed context of both historical events and personal happenings in Smith's life.