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The narrative attributed to Simon, unlike usual "free indirect discourse," is distinctive not by characteristics of speech but by its underlying focalizing patterns and judgments, and even though Grace's character is uneducated and presumably speaks with at least a trace of Irish dialect, her first-person narrational diction is mostly undistinguishable from Simon's upper-class, highly educated "thinking" style.
These narrational elements, again, would seem to indicate that Greene is merely rounding out his "stubborn" novel by invoking a scenario of the geopolitical manipulation and opportunism he so adamantly opposed.
Likewise within Jerusalem's stories, echoing the narrational buzzing--the crosstalk effect created by these dual tales--there is a constant motif of cacophony.
Indeed, such is the level of detail provided in the region-by-region descriptive chapters (Chapters 3-12) that, on page vii, the authors wisely recommend that readers start with the introductory chapters (1 and 2) and one or more of the regional chapters (with the "most digestible" suggested as 3, 7 and 10) before tackling the more synthetic discussions in Chapters 12 and 14 and the grand narrational finale in Chapter 15.
Fisher (1985, 1987) emphasizes that humans are essentially storytellers and proposes that all forms of communication are most usefully interpreted from a narrational perspective, since people inherently pursue a "narrative" logic.
Significantly, the author of this highly unreliable journal entry, Martin Halpin, has himself passed from his minor role a few hundred pages into Joyce's Finnegans Wake to take up narrational tasks in the fictional socio-cosmos of Sorrentino's satire.
Through a range of literary techniques including focalization, narrative structure, narrational style, lexical choice and syntax, imagery, and characterization, Tolkien provides a mainly mythic mode for our reading of the two central rape narratives discussed here; and this mythic mode is central to our assessment of the problematic positing of beauty as a trigger for sexual violence.
On the other hand, when a related event is unique to one strand of the narrational bundle, they assume it originated somewhere later in the isnad than the--Companion or Successor--CL to whom it is attributed.
in a suspended moment that requires both terms of the text's narrational mode"--in this case Christian myth and magical realism--"to sustain it" (420).
These perspectives all manifest in terms of the historical, psychological, narrational, political and synthetic concerns of postmodernist discourse.
In this shift, to be sure, the different narrational registers of the two sequences becomes clear, with the earlier passage highlighting the act of narrating the event from a position initially divorced of any protagonist, while the latter emphasizes the storyteller's total immersion within the diegetic space--as well as the agency of Carlin, Claire, and Oerstadt.