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Morris' shorter poems are strikingly dramatic and picturesque, and his longer narrations are remarkably facile and often highly pleasing.
And narration may be either simple narration, or imitation, or a union of the two?
In the first part the greatest freedom has been used in reducing the narration into a narrow compass, so that it is by no means a translation but an epitome, in which, whether everything either useful or entertaining be comprised, the compiler is least qualified to determine.
The Tale consists simply in the narration of a story either founded on facts, or created solely by the imagination, and not necessarily associated with the teaching of any moral lesson.
That initial stage of the dispute which consisted in the narration of the case and the enforcement of Mr.
Jennings; but after this narration of what really passed between Colonel Brandon and Elinor, while they stood at the window, the gratitude expressed by the latter on their parting, may perhaps appear in general, not less reasonably excited, nor less properly worded than if it had arisen from an offer of marriage.
Pity and surprise were strongly depictured in your Mother's countenance, during the whole of my narration, but I am sorry to say, that to the eternal reproach of her sensibility, the latter infinitely predominated.
I shall try to tell you what I think; but I have not put my thoughts on the subject in sequence, so you must forgive me if due order is not observed in my narration.
Anyone can tell some kind of story; narration is one of the elemental powers of the race.
Nightingale never once interrupted the narration, though he discovered violent emotions at many parts of it.
authorities, so unquestionably genuine as to justify their narration in a connected form.
Richard Swiveller kept his eyes fixed on his visitor during its narration, and directly it was concluded, took the word again.