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Meta-analysis was undertaken where possible (due to heterogeneity) otherwise results were presented narratively.
Prince of Persia - Sands Of Time (12A) Visually splendid but narratively repetitive action-adventure adaptation of the video game with Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton protecting a dagger than could bring about apocalypse.
But narratively and psychologically, volume one ends with a doozy of a cliffhanger.
Geographically, in the Northern Hemisphere; socially, on the margins; narratively, with some way to go," replies Percy, tipping us off to the film's uncomfortable running time.
The culmination of all of these activities though will be the historically linked and narratively themed pageant set against an early evening dusk on May 30.
The Arab-Israeli conflict is narratively transformed and is no longer about resistance to colonial occupation and ethnic cleansing.
Che's first half might be long, narratively weak and a rather unwieldy haul at 126 minutes, but it's not unpleasantly so if you want more than just another slice of Ramboetal.
Well, there certainly would be no problem narratively with having Hulk as the baddie in the Avengers movie, and here's why.
gt;In a nutshell: Maybe a bit clunky narratively, but emotionally and intellectually resonant.
Narratively written at a fourth grade reading level, they allow children in grades 4 through 8 a close-up look at criminal evidence and forensic techniques (fingerprint matching, autopsies, phone tapping, computer and handwriting analysis) that were used to catch the criminals.
Narratively, Nutcracker is the most magical of ballets but for sheer fun and excitement I prefer our Snow White.
In a classic style and with a particularly vivid depiction of memorable characters, The Jasmine Isle narratively embodies the truths and barriers of women and men as set by society's predetermined constructs.