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This is why human experience is not narratively structured through and through.
Narratively, Middlebrook organizes his work around lunar months--a canny choice that emphasizes the contingent nature of air operations, especially at this time.
Data synthesis: The findings of the reviews were discussed narratively (the reviews' clinical and statistical heterogeneity precluded meta-analysis).
Geographically, in the Northern Hemisphere; socially, on the margins; narratively, with some way to go," replies Percy, tipping us off to the film's uncomfortable running time.
I was doing artwork that lent itself really well narratively.
The Arab-Israeli conflict is narratively transformed and is no longer about resistance to colonial occupation and ethnic cleansing.
Che's first half might be long, narratively weak and a rather unwieldy haul at 126 minutes, but it's not unpleasantly so if you want more than just another slice of Ramboetal.
Well, there certainly would be no problem narratively with having Hulk as the baddie in the Avengers movie, and here's why.
gt;In a nutshell: Maybe a bit clunky narratively, but emotionally and intellectually resonant.
Narratively written at a fourth grade reading level, they allow children in grades 4 through 8 a close-up look at criminal evidence and forensic techniques (fingerprint matching, autopsies, phone tapping, computer and handwriting analysis) that were used to catch the criminals.
While illuminating Truffaut's progress as a filmmaker and an adapter of Roche's work, this organization is narratively anticlimactic.
On Eve of Academy Awards, Television Generating Better Entertainment Than the Multiplex; Challenging Movies Narratively and Visually -- and Winning