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n] are the integral transport coefficients of charge carriers both in wide and narrow base regions of the thyristor structure and generation current writes as
But it has a narrow base and it's top-heavy, so it's not the best portable on the market.
During the 10 years, and despite what people say about hurling having a very narrow base, six counties have won the hurling championship.
The whole idea of Zionism was summarized for us as an inverted pyramid: in Europe, Jews were mostly middle-class intellectuals, merchants, and financiers, resting on a narrow base of relatively few Jewish blue-collar workers and even fewer farmers.
Shortly after passing the Charlestown neck, the narrow base of a peninsula jutting out into Boston harbor, the 40 year-old messenger on horseback spotted two mounted men through the darkness.
politics, with people of all ideologies (except corporatism and authoritarianism--a decidedly narrow base in our land) wanting to stop the thievery and force the thieves to spend the rest of their lives going from county fair to county fair, where they'd be required to sit all day in dunking booths marked "Privacy Thief--25 cents a shot.
A specific advantage of the IRB 540-02S is its shorter vertical arm and narrow base, which makes it effective for painting applications in limited and narrow spaces.

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