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n] are the integral transport coefficients of charge carriers both in wide and narrow base regions of the thyristor structure and generation current writes as
politics, with people of all ideologies (except corporatism and authoritarianism--a decidedly narrow base in our land) wanting to stop the thievery and force the thieves to spend the rest of their lives going from county fair to county fair, where they'd be required to sit all day in dunking booths marked "Privacy Thief--25 cents a shot.
The boot opening revealed a deep sill and a narrow base widening further up, which might restrict larger loads.
That's when Republican strategists--eager to broaden the party's narrow base of wealthy corporate supporters--partnered with religious right leaders such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, who agreed to politicize their followers and bring them into the GOP, according to Bokaer.
The 340g jar is 12 sided and has a pronounced tapered body with edges running down from the broad shoulder to the narrow base.
The Reclina has a narrow base which Klippan says means the Reclina fits securely into contoured seats and allows more room for passengers seated alongside.
The digital library typically relies on a narrow base of appropriately skilled professionals to keep abreast of the rapid pace of technical change while maintaining, indeed extending, robust and fully operational online services and collections.
Al Jihad is believed to retain a narrow base of support, especially in the urban centres of northern Egypt, and many of its leaders live in exile in Western countries.
Pyogenic granulomas arise from a narrow base, usually on the nasal septum, and they are easily excised.
Its weaknesses are foreign control, a narrow base of internationally successful businesses and a lack of technology-intensive manufacturing.

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