narrow construction

strict construction (narrow construction)

n. interpreting the Constitution based on a literal and narrow definition of the language without reference to the differences in conditions when the Constitution was written and modern conditions, inventions, and societal changes. By contrast "broad construction" looks to what someone thinks was the "intent" of the framers' language and expands and interprets the language extensively to meet current standards of human conduct and complexity of society. (See: Constitution)

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But I thought - I implore you to remember the narrow construction which has been my besetting sin - that, in a case where there was so much disparity in point of years -'
Relying on a narrow construction of Section 213.111 of the Missouri Human Rights Act, the Court determined that, under such circumstances, the MCHR is deprived of its authority to process claims and cannot "make any findings of fact related to the complaints implicitly or otherwise, including whether they had been timely filed."
Terex claims that the Explorer 5500's petite dimensions make it ideal for use inside cities and narrow construction sites.
Diocese of Steubenville relied on Monahan and adopted an unduly narrow construction of the Florida Supreme Court opinion in Hearndon v.
(42) Thus, the narrow construction of the statute does not appear to regulate employees who exceed their authorization in any way, but rather only applies to employees lacking any access.
The lateral rotation of up to 60 degrees allows for side digging, which makes SV100-1 ideal for urban areas and narrow construction sites in general.
This narrow construction ignores the comprehensive nature of family planning, which is central to women and children's health before, during and after pregnancy.
statutory interpretation, (58) the stringency of the narrow construction
However, the Court notes that "'nothing in [[section] 2251A] indicates it was designed to punish behavior going only one direction,' and such a narrow construction would greatly curtail the scope and effectiveness of the statute.' United States v.
"In furtherance of that goal, the federal courts, following the Supreme Court's lead, have given ERISA's civil remedies provisions a narrow construction."
The Eighth Circuit found that the Ninth Circuit had come to its conclusion in Boise Cascade by improperly giving a narrow construction to the phrase "in connection with" in Sec.