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After a narrow search, they discovered the trail of an Indian party, which had evidently passed through that neighborhood but recently.
But first with narrow search I must walk round This Garden, and no corner leave unspi'd; A chance but chance may lead where I may meet Some wandring Spirit of Heav'n, by Fountain side, Or in thick shade retir'd, from him to draw What further would be learnt.
And if that particular custodian's communications are of importance to the claims at issue in the litigation, it may be worth searching through those documents with a fine toothed comb, versus only searching based on narrow search terms where these kinds of communications may slip through the cracks.
For example, when looking for apartments to sell you can narrow search down according to city, neighborhood and certain keywords as well as specify price range, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and amenities.
Cogito lets them use filters specific to each community of practice to narrow search results very precisely," Clark adds.
It's a bit confusing to place the analysis options between two limiting options, since most people will see choosing a content type as a limiting factor to narrow search results.
Google AdWords makes it particularly easy to tailor your ad to your local area - you can set a minimum and maximum radius to narrow search results.
In addition, it never writes to the disk or device being salvaged from and allows users to scan only where known files are not, to speed recovery and narrow search.
The officer entered a too narrow search in the Police National Computer and failed to spot Clarke's prior offences.
The search engine provides users with a simple, easy to use search function that includes multiple advanced features allowing users to narrow search results or to create an advanced search.
Overall, the narrow search methods and lack of validity assessment make this systematic review somewhat weak.