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All the nonsense of narrow-minded people, because he lives a retired life, and is engaged in finding out chemical secrets which the ignorant public don't know how to appreciate."
A violent revolution falls into the hands of narrow-minded fanatics and of tyrannical hypocrites at first.
You feel I have been narrow-minded and suspicious?"
Women are supposed to be very calm generally: but women feel just as men feel; they need exercise for their faculties, and a field for their efforts, as much as their brothers do; they suffer from too rigid a restraint, too absolute a stagnation, precisely as men would suffer; and it is narrow-minded in their more privileged fellow-creatures to say that they ought to confine themselves to making puddings and knitting stockings, to playing on the piano and embroidering bags.
Nobody was narrow-minded enough to rake up against her the half-forgotten facts of her father's past and her own origin.
But I wished her to have a friend for life,--who would cherish her, who would do her more justice than a coarse and narrow-minded brother, that she has always lavished her affections on."
A hundred times in every week, some new most paltry exhibition of that narrow-minded and injurious Party Spirit, which is the Simoom of America, sickening and blighting everything of wholesome life within its reach, was forced upon my notice; but I never turned my back upon it with feelings of such deep disgust and measureless contempt, as when I crossed the threshold of this madhouse.
Progress can only be attainable if Malaysia moves beyond narrow-minded prejudice, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today in his Christmas message.
The senator has called on the public to be keen on the abuses happening in the country and challenge the beliefs of those 'narrow-minded and misogynistic.'
Liberal Democrat Christine Jardine has told the Prime Minister that the Tories' "narrow-minded nationalism" poses an "existential threat" to the UK.
During the press briefing, Mayawati also cornered the Centre and said over Alwar lynching incident and said that it is a "deed of narrow-minded".
Summary: It is tragic when political parties lose sight of the bigger picture and put a country's stability and economy in peril for their own narrow-minded ambitions.