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Place her above your greediness and narrow-mindedness.
Things cannot move forward if narrow-mindedness is not abandoned'' Qureshi said.
I'm afraid those who did utter parochial drivel displayed a ridiculous narrow-mindedness from a bygone era that only serves to embarrass them in a global marketplace.
Mitevski believes it is high time political dialogue and battle of political programs, which should pull the country out of the lethargy and stagnation caused by the narrow-mindedness of the government, returned to Macedonia.
We seek to publish those books that further mental development and steer people away from violence, extremism, and narrow-mindedness,o said Slivani.
It is a shame that the jealousy and narrow-mindedness of a few political pygmies creates headlines which obscure the fact that Digby is not only doing an important job overseas for Great Britain plc, but for our great city too (his speech contained several plugs for Birmingham and he never misses an opportunity to promote us where he properly can).
Church in Wales, wake up and start to listen to what the people want and ignore the narrow-mindedness of those who control your church.
WHILE I'm not a Hindu, nor do I like animals, I certainly don't share your country's narrow-mindedness and savage disrespect for life that allowed your authorities to shamefully desecrate a Hindu Temple and slaughter Shambo, as was reported in newspapers all around the world (from America to New Zealand) making the front pages of newspapers here in Canada.
Her sister accuses me of over-reacting and narrow-mindedness, but why should I feel guilty when they've behaved so badly?
In the US, where the contingence of basic rights and needs rarely touches us with violent urgency, these comics are forceful reminders of some of the myriad ways in which postcolonial corruption, restrictive immigration policies, disease, poverty, and narrow-mindedness impinge on hopes and destroy lives.
The dominant Christianity found expression not in the current narrow-mindedness of the fight, but in the generosity of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.
Then he proceeds to cast a pall of doubt over all previous translations saying that they were in effect proponents of heterosexist narrow-mindedness leaning toward misogyny.