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Nay, you are caught in such a cunning vice That nothing will avail you, and your life Narrowed into a single point of shame Ends with that shame and ends most shamefully.
The embroidery, which was a matter for thought, the design being difficult and the colours wanting consideration, brought lapses into the dialogue when she seemed to be engrossed in her skeins of silk, or, with head a little drawn back and eyes narrowed, considered the effect of the whole.
Her blooming full-pulsed youth stood there in a moral imprisonment which made itself one with the chill, colorless, narrowed landscape, with the shrunken furniture, the never-read books, and the ghostly stag in a pale fantastic world that seemed to be vanishing from the daylight.
He fingered the butt of the revolver at his hip, his eyes narrowed and his brows contracted.
except in furtherance of a compelling national interest" Wielding its new authority, the court later struck down or narrowed congressional legislation on patents, age discrimination, and domestic violence.
The difference in yield between 10-year ``B''-rated bonds and comparable Treasury notes has narrowed nearly 1 percentage point over the last three months to 2.
In contrast, a trial in which the issues have been properly narrowed and joined will provide the court with a road map through the record.
It is also clear, however, that the gap between the United States and other major industrial countries has narrowed substantially over the postwar period as per capita income and productivity have grown substantially faster abroad.
Resverlogix has now completed the second stage of the process, the scientific review and conditional terms portion, and can announce that is has narrowed its candidate selection from seven to two.
the Swby SIMPLE: A narrowed artery with catheter in place and balloon inflated can boost your blood flow
To prop open narrowed heart arteries, doctors increasingly are using stainless steel mesh cylinders called stents.