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Pray take care, Miss Woodhouse, ours is rather a dark staircase rather darker and narrower than one could wish.
Apart from indicating direction, the beam can either get wider or narrower depending on how accurately the direction is being interpreted.
Like the trapezoid, this shape has broad shoulders and chest but narrower hips and waist.
It's becoming narrower and narrower and to try to walk two abreast is virtually impossible.
Now available with a narrower internal diameter of 3.
To make streets narrower, one of the biggest challenges is to reduce the space taken up by underground utility lines and control chambers, including those for power, water, telecommunication and fibre optics.
This means the iPad 5 will be a narrower than the current generation iPad thanks to narrower bezels.
Simple solution and common sense Andrew Moriarty I''''m in a big HGV that lane is very narrow it may get narrower further down, best not risk it?
Summary: Tokyo: Sharp, the Japanese electronics maker that supplies screens to Apple, posted a narrower loss .
Summary: Indebted telecom operator Zain Saudi reported a narrower second-quarter loss on Tuesday, in line with analyst forecasts, as revenue rose and financing costs fell.
CONTROVERSIAL bright yellow lines in a historic market town are to be replaced by markings which are narrower and paler.
With the lower flow rates used with micro LC, the use of smaller-diameter electrospray ionization electrodes can minimize peak dispersion, resulting in separations with sharper, narrower sample peaks.