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The policies and programs enacted will be measured to see if and how it has impacted the lives of the people, in addressing income inequality and narrowing the gap.
My alternative (e-mailed to our independent councillors on two occasions but with no reply whatsoever), would be for the road narrowing to be replaced with a mini roundabout, on the lines of the one immediately outside Sainsbury's, Thornhill.
"The first two recommendations provide general rules for narrowing the scope of the definition of reportable confidential transactions," TEI explained, while the "angel list" approach described in the third item would narrow the scope of taxpayer reporting obligations.
Narrowing the Nation's Power is no Grisham thriller.
Narrowing of the canal, which occurs in spinal stenosis, may be inherited or acquired.
In holding that Georgia's "wantonly vile" aggravating circumstance was not necessarily unconstitutionally vague, the Court agreed with the petitioner that any murder might involve depravity of mind or an aggravated battery.(18) However, the Court found that the language in question would not necessarily be construed in so broad a fashion by Georgia courts and that there was no reason to assume that the Georgia Supreme Court would adopt such an open-ended definition.(19) Thus, in Gregg, the Court indicated that if a state's sentencing scheme, on its face, did not sufficiently channel a sentencer's discretion, the state's courts could adopt a narrowing construction and therefore "save" the statute.(20)
Protester Mike Thomas, of Minerfa, said: 'Drivers race to get to the crossing first and the narrowing creates dangers for motorists reversing out in front of the shops because there is a blind spot.
Anteroposterior x-rays of the neck may show the classic narrowing of the subglottis (the "steeple sign").
Raeburn, the science editor of the Associated Press, relates many chilling stories of the narrowing genetic base of modern farming.
Does this narrowing of the productivity gap mean that we are a nation in decline?
Deceptively tight bends, frequent roadworks and the sudden narrowing of the road make the A468 an interesting drive.
Surgery to remove a fatty buildup in neck arteries can reduce by more than half the threat of stroke in men who have not shown warning signs of the vessel narrowing.