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A Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "Due to the narrowness of the stairway the ambulance crew were concerned about the welfare of the casualty in safely conveying him to the ambulance.
Artery blockage or narrowness is the most important factor that leads to ischemia in the part affected with atherosclerosis.
PMIR is expected to improve user mobility on the classified road network by reducing transport constraints resulting from the narrowness and structure of carriageways.
The bridge s narrowness also means it cannot accommodate emergency or Transit vehicles, plus the truss structure creates a height limitation.
WCEL, while by no means endorsing Bill C-51, is using the feds' own language to demonstrate the narrowness of its vision.
Narrowness of investment fields results in that private investments come rarely to Kyrgyzstan, often due to corruption, he said.
She acknowledges both the increase in traffic and the narrowness of the roads and yet she does not seem to be concerned by highway safety, even around the school.
Given the narrowness of the results, it is hardly surprising that Mr Quijano has challenged them.
Sir Hugh Bell criticised the narrowness of Newport Road and also Linthorpe Road.
The accident prompted residents in the area to press for the improvement of the road, claiming that it was fraught with hazards due to its narrowness and the lack of lights.
Because of the narrowness of the Military Road, HGVs were advised by police to take a wider diversion via the A66 - around 35 miles south.
Sometimes there's a narrowness of vision in the UK - maybe it's partly an island mentality.