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"Government is committed to reiterate the deprivation of youth who neglected in past and no slacken would be shown to promote merit and talent of youth", he said adding that today we have gear up the ground of new Balochistan where no discrimination and narrowness exist.
Awad pointed out that the Chinese Company has started to build a factory for manufacturing the line of concrete flanks in Sennar city with the specifications of spread and double standard including width and narrowness. He pointed out that the factory would be completed before the end of this year and would be opened in the first quarter of next year.
Answering a question about his recent cancellation of tour to India, he said Pakistan always gave positive gesture to India and it is now responsibility of Indian government to come forward to strengthen bilateral relations setting aside its narrowness and prejudice.
The seats are "rock" hard with near-vertical backs, the arm rests are far too low, they are of no use at all, and even if I were to reach them, I'm sure they'd leave me with an indentation due to the narrowness of the rest.
The standstill of the Gbarnga Street pavement has brought misunderstanding in Bong County, especially among car drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians, as accidents sometimes lead to fist fight due to the narrowness of the road.
Due to the narrowness of streets Fire Brigade faced difficulty in tackling the flames.
"The 40mph speed limit seems inadequate to cope with the blind bends and narrowness of the road, even in daylight and dry conditions.
Artery blockage or narrowness is the most important factor that leads to ischemia in the part affected with atherosclerosis.
PMIR is expected to improve user mobility on the classified road network by reducing transport constraints resulting from the narrowness and structure of carriageways.
WCEL, while by no means endorsing Bill C-51, is using the feds' own language to demonstrate the narrowness of its vision.
"However, the narrowness of the dunes at Barkby Beach is a cause for serious concern."
Narrowness of investment fields results in that private investments come rarely to Kyrgyzstan, often due to corruption, he said.