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DRIP. The right of drip is an easement by which the water which falls on one house is allowed to fall upon the land of another.
     2. Unless the owner has acquired the right by grant or prescription, he has no right so to construct his house as to let the water drip over his neighbor's land. 1 Roll. Ab. 107. Vide Rain water; Stillicidium; and 3 Kent, Com. 436; Dig. 43, 23, 4 et 6; 11 Ad. & Ell. 40; S. C. 39 E. C. L. R. 21.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Bettega et al reported most common presenting symptom to be anterior and posterior nasal drip accounting for 90% of cases followed by nasal obstruction (80.0%) and sneezing (60.0%)17.
This should clear your sinuses so that there's less post nasal drip, fewer sinus infections, etc.
Barbara (pictured) bought the Salin Plus Air Purifier to help her Sinusitis and Post Nasal Drip. She said, "The Salin Plus Air Purifier machine is great!
Helped my Sinusitis and Nasal Drip Barbara (pictured above) bought the Salin Plus Air Purifier to help her Sinusitis and Post Nasal Drip.
% Nasal obstruction 114 100 Nasal discharge 40 35.08 Post nasal drip 25 21.92 Headache 30 26.3 Obesity 40 35.08 Snoring 5 4.38 Hypertension 17 14.91 Diabetes 5 4.38 Table 2.
Voice changes, post nasal drip, dry cough, excess mucus, and throat clearing are all uncomfortable conditions that often develop later in life - but little research has been done to help tackle them.
Table-1: Diagnostic criteria used for classifying acute /chronic ear, nose and throat infections Symptoms Clinical Findings Constitutional symptoms Congested posterior pharyngeal wall Throat pain Congested tonsil Odynophagia Pus points on tonsil Cough Palpable Jugulo digastric node >1.5 cm Nose block Congested nasal mucosa Rhinorrhoea Discharge in the nasal cavity (thick mucoid/ mucopurulent) Post nasal drip Post nasal drip (thick mucoid/mucopurulent) Ear pain Granular pharyngitis Ear Discharge Paranasal sinus tenderness Tympanic membrane congestion Tympanic membrane perforation with ear discharge Table-2: Number of patients with various ENT infections No.
Other possible causes are inflammation, nasal drip, long-term vomiting, pneumonia and mites in the nasal cavities.