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Here the connection is telling, for while Briotmart stands at the very nascence of the royal line in all its potency, Jane stands at its exhausted butt end, her maiden name having been Tudor, though "she was very anxious not to be supposed vain of her ancient ancestry" (65).
It also deserves to be noted that this vestige of the Lebanese dream from the nascence of national statehood has every potential to be a pillar of the urban economy.
As derived from the above, the coincidence of "emergence"--a growing economy, stability, and successful social policies- in Brazil and in Turkey acted as a push factor in the deepening of their bilateral relations and the nascence of a strategic partnership that included security and defense issues.
The sample size is small for two reasons: first, given the nascence of the Bitcoin system, each country boasted a very small number of Bitcoin firms.
This study offers important insights for understanding how cyberschool leaders were able to move into their positions given the nascence of such career options and how their roles differ from those of brick-and-mortar school leaders.
My thanks to Kathryn Gutzwiller, Barbara Gold, and Shelley Haley for providing valuable feedback on early drafts of this article, and to Ariana Traill for giving me direction on the project when it was in its nascence.
c, MALDI spectra shows clear baseline indicating nascence absence of any other nanoparticles or detectable impurities.
Yet this service remains in nascence, needing a boost.
Given the nascence of the topic, we adopt an exploratory research approach.
Another way in which scholarship contributed to liberal progress was through self-governing learned societies, which were spurring the nascence of Russia's civil society.
9) But a religious turn, it seems, is somewhat implicit to phenomenology and was clearly not unknown during phenomenology's German nascence.