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It also traces the waning of the Whigs and the Tories and the nascency of the Conservative party.
Although she presided within what Roth calls "her single-handed establishment of a first-class domestic-management and mothering company" (37), the mother's restriction to this limited space by a patriarchal Jewish culture never becomes thematized since Patrimony, as its title suggests, is first and foremost the story of "the male line, unimpaired and happy, ascending from nascency to maturity" (230).
Davies's emphatic warnings appear at a moment when the "state" is in the process of being transformed, when "modern" notions of the subject-individual are in their nascency, and when puritanism is helping to model a growing British population into more easily governable state subjects.
The issue has become all the more important here in America, where the effort to raise public awareness of their plight is still in its nascency (and susceptible to political opportunism), and the nation is, again, on the brink of war.
Such constraints would adversely impact the usefulness of a metacognitive measure, such as testing differences in cognitive adaptability across different levels of entrepreneurial nascency, including those that have not taken any steps toward entrepreneurial action.
Hence, the gestation time for Walton's grand adventure in search of personal glory and forbidden knowledge--from its optimistic nascency in Saint Petersburg until its bitter termination upon Victor's death--covers the same amount of calendar time.
If there truly must be an ending before every team's nascency, the Lakers are there.