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Lyotard argues, indeed, that the romantic "aesthetics of the sublime" gave birth to "a world of possibilities for artistic experiments in which the avant-gardes would later trace out their paths" (Lyotard [1989] 206); consequently, the sublime for Lyotard is a nascently avant-gardist aesthetic that promotes whatever exceeds established canons of artistic taste, presentation and formalization, whatever imparts what he calls a "stronger sense of the unpresentable" to the work.
This was a form of intimate association that preferred elected, affective bonds to "natural" and natal ones: what we might take to be a nascently homosexual alternative to the emerging nuclear family.
This world was the nascently putrescent, nascently pubescent milieu of a middle-class American miss--a room full of stuffed animals, boy-band posters, pink things of all sorts--methodically spinning around and around on a circular track like a giant automatic dryer, letting gravity slam its ersatz, picket-fenced-in contents down to earth, again and again, until they were ground to smithereens.
When the election ended, Michnik and his collaborators saw that the opposition press was on its way to becoming a dinosaur, while a nascently democratic Poland desperately needed responsible, nonpartisan media.