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These are probably amongst the nastiest injuries I have seen in practice in both dogs and cats.
So, as TV's Nastiest Villains counts down those actors that are the best at being the worst, there won't be any surprise to find C5 favourites Stefan Dennis and Linda Gray here, giving their opinion on the likes of much missed Dallas bad guy JR Ewing (aka Larry Hagman), and Neighbours's love-to-hate villain Paul Robinson.
com's Nastiest Comic Tournament special streaming live Saturday June 4th at Midnight EDT (9:00 p.
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch may be the nastiest example.
THEY'RE seven of the toughest, nastiest footballers ever to lace up their boots - and we've hidden this bunch of trouble-makers in amongst the crowd.
1SUPER TOUGH Hardy enough to withstand the depravations of even the muddiest, nastiest festival site, these iPod speakers will keep the party going until even the break of dawn.
Renowned for his villainous film roles, which include General Orlov in the James Bond movie Octopussy and Victor Maitland in Beverly Hills Cop, he will tackle the Bard's nastiest characters, including Iago, Lord and Lady Macbeth, Shylock and Richard III.
NASTIEST picture of the week has been Katie Price's young daughter, Princess, appearing on Facebook tarted up like a glamour girl at a photo shoot.
Divorce is one of the nastiest things a child can experience.
Among their perspectives are footprints and fingerprints, the scary secrets of old disks, who pays and for what, cryptography for everyone, forbidden technology, the nastiest place on Earth, and censoring the president.
1001 Insults, Put-Downs & Comebacks lives up to its title; herein are some of the nastiest, most creative, and effective character attacks and snappy retorts, gathered from a smorgasbord of sources in literature, entertainment, and politics.
With 360 degrees of protection against striking snakes, the new Fang Side-Zip boots from LaCrosse Footwear will keep you safe even in the nastiest cover.