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This is a nastily vindictive measure, which has no real objective other than to penalise children, as the wage cuts the union opposes have already been implemented.
However, with the score at 28-18, Shneck limped out of the game as he turned his ankle nastily. Not that the Jets lost power and even managed to push further in front, at one stage leading by 15.
"When I tell dog-owners to put their dogs on leads, many of them react nastily."
When we eventually ran out of food, the goose parents came right up to the boat and hissed at us quite nastily, so we untied the mooring, started up the engine and quacked off, never to return...
Though it follows the reductive paradigms of men-on-the-make laffers, the low-budget, flatly shot pic rarely turns nastily shrill or swaggeringly stupid in tone; redemption and/or sanity is usually waiting in the wings.
It ends, of course, very nastily. Antichrist lays itself open to accusations of misogyny for Gainsbourg's character is both neurotic and sexually fixated.
They've postponed the wedding, but Libby and Dan decide to take the honeymoon - except Sam makes him miss his flight, then nastily says she doesn't want Libby in their baby's life.
I would like proudly to identify myself, however, with those so nastily trashed by Jones, those who share Western sensibilities, seek the moral high ground, treasure both human dignity and individual rights, and believe in the sanctity of international conventions--to say nothing of the United States Constitution.
We are already paying food prices inflated nastily by last summer's heatwave.
In the Washington Post, Jonathan Yardley wrote, nastily, "If, by the way, anything herein actually happened as she claims it did...." He also called the book "slimy," "repellent," "meretricious." The fact that the review--plus an Op-Ed piece!--was so hysterical in its hostility turned out to be a saving grace.
It's a good little idea, but nastily and tastelessly executed.
Station officials decline to discuss the matter, but Jaco acknowledges responding nastily to a couple of e-mails from listeners and being involved in a confrontation in the newsroom.