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Sweeney Todd's fiendishly employed barber chair looms nastily in its shuttered alcove above Mrs.
In the Washington Post, Jonathan Yardley wrote, nastily, "If, by the way, anything herein actually happened as she claims it did.
Station officials decline to discuss the matter, but Jaco acknowledges responding nastily to a couple of e-mails from listeners and being involved in a confrontation in the newsroom.
It is neither tart and austere, nor nastily overdosed with sugar to mask thin fruit as are so many cheaper champagnes.
Lux also features artists' works by the witty videomaker Colin Campbell, the sexually adventurous Wrik Mead and the nastily hilarious George Kuchar, essays by the ubiquitous Mike Hoolboom and an interview by Take One's own Barbara Goslawksi with structuralist filmmaker James Benning.
Early attention to the show's outrageous behavior and bleeped-out language partially obscured just how nastily funny it is.
A quick trip to the library, however, turned up one nastily intolerant polemicist who claims it is because of Catholics' "worship and adoration of saints.
Just as Pa is beginning to count the money again for the 5,752 time, the door bursts open and in leaps Fargo Fink, sneering so nastily that the table begins to shake.
The PLO may be fobbed off with autonomous jurisdiction over scraps of territory (particularly the bits like Gaza which are too nastily troublesome) in the distant hope of gaining a sovereign state.
Roach was accused of making racial slurs against the Rios camp who responded nastily when Alex Ariza, who is the former conditioning coach of Pacquiao and now works with Rios, aimed a kick at the trainer and mocked the fact that he suffers from Parkinson's.
There were fears of a more serious long-term problem after Brittain's leg buckled nastily in Sunday's defeat at Motherwell.