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I love the whole idea of Nasty Gal - it's a woman who stands up for herself and what she believes in.
"She was nasty to me, and that's okay for her to be nasty.
"Essentially I didn't know she was nasty about me."
After a particularly deadly period in June, where Mr Nasty killed five swans in the space of just two days, it had seemed that his last killing on June 24 might have been his last.
One of the swans rescued from the clutches of Mr Nasty
Nasty Women showcases a diverse range of voices and experiences from an impressive roster of feminist writers and activists.
"What is truly nasty is that anyone would turn their back on the Puerto Rican people."
28 February 2017 - UK online fashion and retail group plc's (LSE: BOO) BooHoo F I Ltd affiliate has closed the acquisition of bankrupt Los Angeles, US-based women's clothing, shoes, and accessories company Nasty Gal, Inc., the company said.
LAS VEGAS: Donald Trump's labeling of Hillary Clinton as "such a nasty woman" during the final presidential debate has given a boost to Janet Jackson's 1986 hit, "Nasty." Spotify says streams of "Nasty" are up 250 percent, though the company wouldn't release specific numbers.
Brian Babin, a Woodville Republican, repeatedly said on a radio program Thursday that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton "has done some nasty things."
During the third and final face-off for the American presidential elections, Republican candidate Donald Trump assailed his rival and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton with the insulting phrase, 'such a nasty woman.' His comment not only beefed up unsympathetic tweets and posts against Trump but also the streaming of the classic 'Nasty' hit by the King of Pop's sister Janet Jackson.