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2152): [male] (1) printed with handwriting on white paper: "SOUTH AFRICA: Natal [KwaZulu-Natal] | Cathedral Peak area [28[degrees]57'S 29[degrees]12'E, uncertainty 2.
Having said that, Natal could win this race and I bet Pak Jack would be right behind him, and the worst case scenario won't be disastrous.
Pinheiro chose the hotel in Natal, he says, because of Pestana's "reputation for knowing how to treat guests.
In this case, there may be a link between emergency Caesareans and post natal depression.
Rather than celebrating the wholesale substitution of natal ties, as "matching" and its corresponding policy of secrecy did at midcentury, narratives underscored the urgency of search and reunion, emphasized grief and loss, and figured blood as an essential component of healthy identity.
She is also intending to do double charts - incorporating the natal chart with cards for special occasions such as engagements, weddings or anniversaries.
Ian, 23,from south Liverpool, is in no doubt that male post natal depression is a valid condition.
Newport started with a bang, Andy Marinos twice crashing through the Natal defence.
A second unit eventually went to Kenya for shots of wildlife and the Great Rift Valley, though most of the movie, set on Gallmann's ranch, was shot in Natal.
The ordering principles of the new building are clearly defined, suggesting links with historical models such as Jefferson's campus at the University of Virginia, La Tourette by Le Corbusier, or local Natal examples such as the nineteenth-century monastery at Marianhill and Hallen Theron & Partners' earlier Mangosuthu Technikon, completed in 1978.
Before proceeding, I need to highlight Dowson's confusion concerning the aim of my paper, which I explicitly stated at the outset: 'to trace and understand the making of the Natal Drakensberg San hunter-gatherer history over the last 150 years' (Mazel 1992a: 758).
Henri-Claude Natal of the Ecole Normale Superieur in Paris and John C.