national culture

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Mohamad, fondly known as Tok Mat, also suggested a step towards reinforcing and reimplementing the National Culture Policy of 1971 which listed Bumiputera culture and Islam as the main driving force for the national culture.
The series of concerts that will take place in various cities in Azerbaijan are intended to contribute to a greater rapprochement between the two peoples and to the knowledge of national culture and art, through the universal language of music.
The festival is purposed to promote national culture, build patriotism, contribute to intellectual, spiritual and physical development of children and youth.
The adoption of the new draft of the Law on Culture will result in increased citizen's cultural and art education, respect for national culture and development, and increased participation of governmental and non-governmental organizations, business entities and citizens in cultural activities.
The program of the 2019 International Army Games envisages holding of national culture days of each state-member of Games.
According to media reports buildings and walls will be painted with cultural work, plants will be planted, weary buildings will be reconstructed and will be painted, and lighting system and art work will be done Under Mareer chowk to Faizabad Murree road Beautification plan buildings on both sides of road will be painted , painting reflecting national culture, beautiful paintings will be done on metro bus pillars, tree plantation in centre, lighting system will be installed, models based on country's culture, renovation of dilapidated buildings and art work will be got done This plan will be completed from Chandni chowk to Faizabad in first phase and from Chandni chowk to Mareer chowk in second phase.
On this occasion Jawwad Rafique Malik said, anthology of our national culture depicts regional cultures which aptly reflect our national values and traditions.
On this occasion, Jawwad Rafique Malik said that anthology of our national culture depicted regional cultures, which aptly reflected our national values and traditions.
"Everyone knows that the cuisine of every nation in the world is one of the best trends representing the national culture. Mexican cuisine not only satisfies the tastes of Mexicans and numerous tourists visiting this Latin American country, but also demonstrates part of the rich Mexican culture abroad.
The National Museum is tasked to declare cultural properties of the Philippines as either an ICP or National Culture Treasures, pursuant to several laws, including Republic Act No.
1998 -- The State of Kuwait honored theatrical artist, Abdulaziz Al-Nimesh, one of those who have enriched the national culture. 2002 -- Kuwait chaired the IAEA's Board of Governors for the 2002-2003 term, on behalf of the Middle East and South Asia.
ISLAMABAD:Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ms Marriyum Aurangzeb on Wednesday said the approval of first ever film and culture policy by cabinet in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was a historic step and the government of Pakistan Muslim League (N) had laid solid foundation for revival of the film industry and preservation and promotion of national culture.

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