national culture

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ISLAMABAD -- Famous singer Arif Lohar enthralled audience at on-going National Food and Cultural Festival organized by National Culture Development Forum (NCDF) here at Arts and Craft Village Arif Lohar stole the show with his superb rendition of 'Jugni' and a few other Sufi songs.
Summing up the discussion, Zinaida Dragunkina stressed that the development of the national culture, ensuring accessibility and quality of education, creating a modern educational environment is a necessary condition for the development of regions and the country as a whole.
Islamabad -- National Culture Development Forum would organise a week-long musical and cultural festival from February 23rd at Arts and Crafts Village.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Assembly was informed that national culture policy will be announced on 25th of this month.
The jury will estimatenotonly the appearance, but also presentation of the national culture and intellectual abilities of the beauties.
He said that the national revival in our time begins with development of the Kyrgyz language and the national culture of people.
She said that CADD had taken special initiatives to strengthen education system and developed a national culture of reading through mobile bus libraries.
1998 -- The State of Kuwait honored theatrical artist, Abdulaziz Al-Nimesh, one of those who have enriched the national culture.
Al-Thawadi expressed appreciation of the BACA President's support for intellectual Bahrainis, praising her role in conserving national culture.
Vice President Iliana Yotova said in front of the participants that Bulgaria relied on the assistance of its citizens abroad and those should be its ambassadors to the receiving countries, presenting the national culture in all of its receiving countries, presenting the national culture in all of its aspects to the global community.
The objective of the study is to see the role of national culture and universities in promoting entrepreneurship intention among business studies students of the province.
The Head of State decorated Mauritanian film director and producer Abderrahmane Sissako, Egyptian Actor Gamil Ratib, Palestinian director Michel Khleifi, Burkinabe director Idrissa Ouedraogo, Syrian director Mohamed Malas and Tunisian directors Omar Khlifi and Ridha Behi with the insignia of Grand Officer of the Order of National Culture Merit.

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