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The All India Banks Employees' Association (AIBEA), which represents about half a million bank employees, is to observe July 19 as 'all India day to defend bank nationalisation and defeat privatisation of public sector banks.
Mr Abdulla serves as a Fellow of the Gulf Talent Advisory Board of Oxford Strategic Consulting, providing advice on strategic nationalisation matters.
The limitation of understanding spreads beyond the mystification regarding the definition of nationalisation.
La mobilisation et l'engagement resolu des travailleurs de Sonatrach ont permis a l'Algerie de relever le defi pose par l'arret de l'exploitation des puits de petrole dans le sud du pays par les compagnies francaises suite a la nationalisation des hydrocarbures en 1971.
According to the paper, a vigorous nationalisation debate within the ANC, which gathered pace after 35 miners were shot dead at a platinum mine at Marikana, north of Johannesburg in August, has unsettled the country's business community.
He said: "I must stress that Epangelo is not intended to discourage private investment nor is it a vehicle for nationalisation.
Indeed, to try to draw a line under the issue, the party commissioned a report, State Intervention in the Mining Sector (SIMS), which was published in March but despite its coming down against nationalisation, concern amongst miners regarding expropriation has not been dispelled.
Rail nationalisation has been a burning question for 150 years.
Al Mulla will be hosting an interactive panel discussion on career guidance in public schools at the 6th Annual GCC Nationalisation Summit, taking place from 24 - 27 April 2011 at the Grand Millennium, Dubai.
The plans have met with opposition from the European Union, which views poker nationalisation in breach of free trade agreements.
Moreover, a partial nationalisation is not among them either, the CEO added.
He briefed the famous barrister and Labour MP Sir Stafford Cripps for the public enquiry which led directly to the nationalisation of the mines by Clement Atlee's post-war Labour Government.

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