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They would think we couldn't fund and must nationalise the bank.
Highlighting the global nature of the credit crisis, the British government announced on Wednesday that it would partially nationalise eight leading banks in an attempt to encourage them to restart interbank lending and thus reinvigorate the wider economy.
However Sir Edward Crew, Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, said that if the Government were trying to nationalise the police via the back door then he would be the first to complain.
In an interview with Press TV, Jack Rasmus, a professor of economics at St Marys College and author of 'Looting Greece: A New Financial Imperialism Emerges,' has suggested that the nation should nationalise its banking system.
Britain, Western financial institutions and other donors last year froze aid for land reform after the government declared it was abandoning the first phase of an agreed scheme to buy 120 farms and said it would nationalise 804 targeted properties.
Peter Boyle, Socialist Alliance candidate for the Sydney seat in the upcoming federal election, said, 'Let's take the big banks head on over their crimes and their attempts to cover up their massive financial rip-offs, and nationalise them under workers' and community control.
Brown and Mandelson may wag a scolding finger at the bankers and threaten to nationalise them if they don't start lending but nobody is fooled.
I think they should nationalise everything that used to be and a few other things as well.
Global Banking News-June 26, 2014--Bulgaria to nationalise Corpbank if shareholder talks fail
They could have saved us billions if they had admitted the best option was to let Anglo go to the wall and fully nationalise most of the others.
SHARES in stricken bank Northern Rock were suspended today after the Government moved to nationalise the lender.
Now economist Colm McCarthy has stated the Government may have to nationalise the banks even if the wealth of the nation is squandered on their toxic debts.