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Nationalization is a popular phrase in modern times that prevailing in global perspective but confusing concept that is hard to define.
The Lebanese Constitutional forbids nationalization, Bassil said, adding that such a move would damage the country's demography.
Over a third of respondents in the Nationalization in the GCC poll (36 per cent) believed that the best way to find national talent was through dedicated regional jobsites like Bayt.
The government says that its nationalization policy, as part of careful macroeconomic management, explains the country's high growth rates, record level of hard-currency reserves, and improvements in poverty and inequality indices and is among the factors that have enabled Morales to form an urban-rural social coalition that has gradually dismantled the opposition of the rich, secessionist eastern region of the country (NotiSur, May 8, 2009, and Dec.
To enable Emiratis to learn and upgrade their abilities, the centre will also arrange industry level conferences and exhibitions that support Nationalization.
No responsible politician, regardless of what small party they chair, or the internal problems of the party, can afford to speak about nationalization of private companies because this presents us in a very bad light in Europe," he stated.
Today (Monday) I approved the nationalization, expropriation and temporary occupation of Consolidada de Ferrys (Conferry)," Chavez said in a phone interview broadcast on state TV.
It is worth mentioning that The Program of Stimulating Establishments for Job Nationalization (Nitaqat) is considered as one of the devices to monitor labor markets in 40 specialties, to assess establishments in the field of job nationalization, and to provide incentives and facilities to the establishments according to the rates of job nationalization.
Orascom Telecom reluctantly agreed to enter talks on nationalization, but there is still no clarity about whether the state will buy all or part of Djezzy, how much it will pay and how long the process might take.
Yet, when a loss-making investment is made, there is the chance of a costly liquidation or nationalization of the private firm, and this is an important difference with a public firm for which the option of nationalization is not available.
Unsaid but implicit in Obama's statement, though, is that Americans could likely be persuaded to accept nationalization if they understand that all the alternatives are worse.