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The key to the success of oil industry nationalization was its leaders' wisdom and bravery a and also the support received from the nation and elites, he noted.
In November 2013, SOCAR and BP signed a protocol on cooperation in nationalization, and in February 2014, SOCAR and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbaijan signed a corresponding memorandum of cooperation.
Nationalization is a popular phrase in modern times that prevailing in global perspective but confusing concept that is hard to define.
The Lebanese Constitutional forbids nationalization, Bassil said, adding that such a move would damage the country's demography.
Over a third of respondents in the Nationalization in the GCC poll (36 per cent) believed that the best way to find national talent was through dedicated regional jobsites like
What at first glance might seem a minor matter--the nationalization of a company in a sector that is relatively insignificant, given the volume of international and domestic air traffic in a poor country--became, however, proof of the government's decision to leave no sector without a strong state presence and, at the same time, ratify the essence of a model that is gradually putting the country's economy on a sound footing.
"The Kawadir Nationalization Centre will extend these efforts by providing training and development to Emiratis.
"Nobody in the 21st century can afford to talk about nationalization. Inspections yes, the National Audit Office, the Public Financial Inspection Agency (PFIA), the prosecuting authority.
However, similar protests could occur on the weekend, when many people are not at work, given the fact that the leadership of President Hu Jintao has expressed strong opposition to Japan's nationalization of the Japanese-controlled islets in the East China Sea and vows to maintain a hard-line stance against Japan.
"Today (Monday) I approved the nationalization, expropriation and temporary occupation of Consolidada de Ferrys (Conferry)," Chavez said in a phone interview broadcast on state TV.
It is worth mentioning that The Program of Stimulating Establishments for Job Nationalization (Nitaqat) is considered as one of the devices to monitor labor markets in 40 specialties, to assess establishments in the field of job nationalization, and to provide incentives and facilities to the establishments according to the rates of job nationalization.