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In a public event on April 1 in Potosi--the southern city founded in the mid-16th century at the foot of Cerro Rico (called the "silver mountain" by the Spanish colonizers, who had discovered the world's largest silver mine, now depleted from irrational exploitation)--Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera spoke at length about the benefits of the nationalizations and gave the concrete example of what he called the recovery of YPFB.
According to a separate May 4, 2007 Financial Times (London) report, bank nationalization would undercut the country's social programs.
While the surge in nationalizations may have risk managers looking for new ways to mitigate the exposure and carriers dusting off old policies, Wilkin said, "If the price of oil were to drop, the value of controlling those resources would drop.
However, the government (particularly financial services minister Heizo Takenaka) has gone out of its way to allay investor fears that a bank nationalization would mean investors get left holding bags of worthless slips of paper that used to be bank stocks.