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The minister is considering the importance of offshore islets which is necessary for Japan to nationalize these islets and protect maritime interests by setting new territorial water as base points.
Last year, Morales retreated from proposals to nationalize the Bolivian assets of foreign-owned oil, gas, and ore companies, notably the Brazilian firm Petroleo Brasileiro SA.
A few days earlier, Chavez announced plans to nationalize companies in the telecommunications and electricity industries, and called for greater government control over natural-gas projects and the media.
What was somewhat surprising was the way in which Morales' government moved to nationalize the industry, with "rather theatrical" displays of troop strength and the accompanying statements regarding extension of state control to other sectors, said Atkinson.
On May 3, 2006, one day after Bolivia's president sent the country's army to the country's 56 gas industry locations to enforce a decree nationalizing the gas industry, the Associated Press (AP) reported from La Paz that the government intended to nationalize the mining and forestry industries as well.