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The high court considered that applying the 'restrictive interpretation' to corporations engaged in nationalized and partly nationalized activities will result in massive involuntary divestment of foreign stockholdings in affected corporations which will have tremendous impact on the stock market, and to the Philippine economy as a whole.
But, S&P said, ''The greater magnitude, complexity, and extended overseas networks of some overseas banks in relation to major Japanese banks suggests that managing such banks within a nationalized or part-nationalized framework would be a more difficult proposition than it was in Japan.
Of course, the government could sell the nationalized banks to foreigners, like it did with the former Long Term Credit Bank, bought by US private equity fund Ripplewood Holdings and turned into Shinsei Bank.
Berwick, in a seminal work on continuous improvement in health care, writes in concrete terms about an alternative to such a nationalized system.
Make for (e) to (h) : any of the Nationalized Brands Like
Spain said it hoped "the process of assessing the value of the nationalized company is done with high standards of objectivity that would establish the just compensation to which shareholders are entitled.
It will be the first temporarily nationalized bank to re-list.
After World War II and the Holocaust, the Soviet-dominated countries that went communist nationalized all their major businesses.
It is necessary to inform public about condition of nationalized property.
5% of Lloyds and 70% of RBS, while mortgage lenders Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley are fully nationalized
Two Tokyo companies affiliated with the nationalized Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (LTCB) have started disbanding themselves after filing for liquidation with the Tokyo District Court, a private credit research firm said Monday.
Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Omurbek Babanov signed the decree on the Nationalized Assets Management Fund of the Government of Kyrgyzstan on February 20.