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Make for (i) any of the Nationalized Brands Like Anchor/Steel Grip
The decree read by Morales calls for Iberdrola to receive indemnification after an independent firm is hired within 180 days to determine the value of the nationalized shares.
But, S&P said, ''The greater magnitude, complexity, and extended overseas networks of some overseas banks in relation to major Japanese banks suggests that managing such banks within a nationalized or part-nationalized framework would be a more difficult proposition than it was in Japan.
Surprisingly, the survey revealed that only 52% of uninsured households would support a nationalized health plan.
Of course, the government could sell the nationalized banks to foreigners, like it did with the former Long Term Credit Bank, bought by US private equity fund Ripplewood Holdings and turned into Shinsei Bank.
Because of conflicting laws and the fact that some nationalized property is now very valuable, the process of returning property has been slow.
Berwick, in a seminal work on continuous improvement in health care, writes in concrete terms about an alternative to such a nationalized system.
It also offers a usefully unsettling glimpse of the prevailing priorities in our increasingly nationalized penal system.
It will be the first temporarily nationalized bank to re-list.
The man who once bragged of being "the Gramm in Gramm-Rudman," who stood virtually alone against nationalized health insurance and invoked the Dickey Flatt test of whether government spending was justified, now spends his time trying to convince the Christian Coalition he's with them on abortion.
Lederle-Praxis Biologicals does not believe the solution to the nation's low age-appropriate immunization rates is nationalized federal government purchase of all vaccines.
After World War II and the Holocaust, the Soviet-dominated countries that went communist nationalized all their major businesses.